LaEstrella Occupancy Begins in Oak Cliff!

LaEstrella, Oak Cliff’s new affordable urban townhome address, is reaching completion and now seeing move-ins as more buyers qualify for financing within the income limitations established for potential homeowners.

Developed in cooperation with the City of Dallas, LaEstrella is seen as the place where low income meets high expectations. Built on-time and with budget, the townhomes feature high-grade finishes like granite countertops, vinyl-plank floors, stainless appliances, kitchen islands and two-car garages. One walk-through and you’ll see how beautifully finished each floorplan is, and how the room layouts work to maximize the space.

“When we started this project, it was important the we serve each party including the City of Dallas and most importantly, the people in Oak Cliff,” said CHI Secretary-Treasurer Joe Dingman. “One look around and you can see that has been achieved — these homes are beautiful, they are affordable and they will enhance life in this neighborhood.”

“We think these homes are perfect in all respects — they greatly improve the supply of owner-occupied housing. We see that as vital for the future of society and the community because it creates vibrant neighborhoods, a tax base and good housing where owners accumulate equity.  CHI is pleased to sponsor LaEstrella and to accomplish these goals.”

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